Review Policy/Rating Criteria

Review Policy

*Note 03/22/13: Due to the high volume of requests, I cannot give a time frame as to when I will have your book read and reviewed. I apologize and hope you can understand; in addition to the review submissions, I still have to make time to read the novels that I choose to read and review on my own. I appreciate your patience and understanding!* 

I will accept ebooks formatted for Kindle, Nook Books, ARCs, print books, etc; I'm not picky on the format. If you are mailing a print book submission, I'll provide you with the mailing address through email. 

If you submit a book for my review, I will respond to you within seven days and let you know if I will be choosing to read your submission. If I start reading your book and find that it just isn't my cup of tea, I will shoot you an email to tell you I will not be finishing the book and/or publishing a review. I rarely start a book and not finish it, but in the words of the Biebs; never say never. Yes, I just quoted Justin Bieber and I'm as grossed out about it as you probably are.

I can't provide a turnaround time for the review to be published, however, I will try my hardest to keep it within a month from your request. I am a full time college student with a full time job, so during the fall and spring semesters please be patient with me! I also don't necessarily read the books in the order they are received; it all depends on what kind of mood I'm in at the time. If you are wanting the review to be posted by a certain date, please include that date in your email and I'll do my best to work with you on it.

I will post my reviews on this blog and Goodreads; I'll also post a link to the review on my Twitter. If you would like me to post the review on any additional site(s), please just include them in your email and I'll send you the links when the review has been posted on each site. 

The following is what the reviews posted on my blog will include:
  • Photo of the book cover
  • Title
  • Author
  • Series information (if applicable)
  • Synopsis
  • Review
  • Rating based on my 5-star scale (listed below)
  • Links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble for purchase
If you would like me to review a book, please send an email to with the title, author, synopsis, and the format of the book you would be submitting to me. I look forward to reading all of your masterpieces :) 

5-Star Rating Criteria 

I'll buy the hard copy, talk about it for years, obsess about it for months, and I'll force you to read it...right fucking now!

Like...really good y'all. I dig this book and you should read it, too!

Didn't love it, but it's still pretty good

It was alright, had some redeeming qualities but not what I consider good readin'

Just awful...and I probably contemplated punching someone in the neck while reading this...

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