Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breaking Free by Cherise Sinclair

(Masters of the Shadowlands series, book 3)
A sadistic husband left Beth scarred, inside and out. Only at the Shadowlands BDSM club does she feel like a woman. But her fears limit her to Doms who won’t overwhelm her – the ones who cannot arouse her. The Master of the Shadowlands gives her an ultimatum: accept the Dom he assigns or lose her membership. The last thing Beth wants is a ruthless, powerful Dom, but that’s just what she gets.
Asked to take on a problem sub, Nolan sees the issue immediately – although truly submissive, the little redhead is too scared to relinquish control and her Doms have let her get away with it. That will change right now.
As Master Nolan takes Beth under command, compelling her submission, she’s terrified, but the experienced Dom brings her pleasure, not pain. His only demand is that she never lie to him. Under his capable hands, her body comes alive, and she begins to heal. As he pushes her limits, she learns to trust…and then to love. And she realizes he is beginning to care for her in return.
But now her cruel husband has found her, and Master Nolan discovers that she’s been lying and lying and lying…

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language and a strong BDSM theme.

“Well, hell. He’d gotten sucked right into caring for this little bundle of troubles…” – Nolan

After I finished the third book in the Masters of the Shadowlands series, I realized that I like each book a little more than the last. This book was by far my favorite so far, because it mixes in the steamy, BDSM scenes with a new element that I felt lacked from the previous two: suspense.

Beth has finally run away from her sadistic husband, Kyler, relocated to Florida, and is attempting to dive back into the BDSM scene but not having much luck. She is a submissive to the core, but the previous physical and emotional abuse she endured from her husband has her scared to choose a strong, powerful Dom, so she chooses ones that don’t intimidate her. The problem? The Doms she is choosing don’t get the job done. The solution? Master Z gives her an ultimatum; either she is paired with the Dom of his choosing to remedy her situation or she will lose her membership. With her hands tied (pun intended) she finally agrees and is paired with Master Nolan; a strong, intimidating Iraq veteran. When Master Nolan sees all her physical scars, he realizes he is going to have to do a hell of a lot to get Beth to trust him the way a sub should. While he pushes her limits and gains her trust, they both start to realize there is more to their relationship than just Dom/sub play. Unfortunately, Beth hasn’t been perfectly honest with Nolan about her relationship with Kyler, and it’s only a matter of time before she will have to spill the beans. Not only that, but Kyler isn’t ready to give Beth up yet and is embarking on a manhunt to find her…and then punish her mercilessly for running away.

I have liked all the couples so far in the Shadowlands series, but I think Beth and Nolan just might be my favorite (out of Zachary & Jessica and Dan & Kari.) Beth had the farther to go trust wise because she had been abused so horribly in the past, and Nolan was just so sweet and patient with her. He knew exactly how far to push her without making her turn and run, and he proved that during the 4th of July party at his house. He has Beth restrained and blindfolded, and just as she starts to have a panic attack and use the mild safeword (yellow) he is already in the process of removing her blindfold to calm her down. He is so nurturing and sweet to her, but is incredibly intimidating when he’s in Dom mode…and I dig that!

I loved the incorporation of characters from previous books: Master Z, Jessica, Master Dan, Kari, and Cullen. There hasn’t been one major character from all three books that I haven’t liked, which is rare. It seems like every book I read, I always get annoyed with a main character and wish they would get hit by a bus or something. This series hasn’t disappointed me yet, and I can’t wait to read the fourth book, which focuses on Master Cullen (FINALLY!!) The subplot with Beth and Kyler is what made me like this book a little more than the previous two, because it added the element of suspense that the other two lacked a little bit. If you want a book that involves romance, suspense, and crazy-hot BDSM sex, this is where it’s at y’all! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m getting a little hot and bothered just thinking about all this, sooo….just read the book. You can thank me later.

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