Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert

(Come Undone series, book 1)
Prim and proper art gallery coordinator Elle Walser is no good at seducing men. Heck, she’s been throwing hints at her boss for months, but he’s completely clueless. Desperate to escape her mother’s matchmaking efforts, she comes up with a plan – buy some lingerie and climb into her boss’s bed. The plan goes brilliantly…until she accidentally seduces a sexy stranger instead.
Bad boy nightclub mogul Gabe Schultz just had the best almost-sex of his life. Too bad the smoking hot blonde thought he was his brother and bolted before he could finish what they started. Though her holier-than-thou attitude puts a serious damper on his mood, Gabe’s never been one to give up on something he wants. And he wants Elle. But does a man who lives on the dark side really have a chance with a proper lady?

Suck me sideways; this book was crazy good!!! Put together a smokin’ hot-tatted up bad boy, a conservative good girl, tons of flirting and sexual tension, and some of the hottest “hanky-panky” (read the book and you’ll know why I used that term) to ever grace a book’s page, and what do you have?? You have Wrong Bed, Right Guy. Now – tell me you don’t want to read it! You can’t; you physically can’t do it!

Elle hasn’t had the best luck with guys; bad boys in particular. After getting her heart broken by an ex-boyfriend who absolutely humiliated her, she has been trying to ignore her attraction to guys like him. Her mother has set her up on numerous dates, all of which have been miserable; there is one “good guy” that has caught her eye though; her boss, Nathan. He hasn’t picked up on the hints she keeps dropping, so against her better judgment she decides to get aggressive. She decides to show up at his loft, climb into bed with him, and rock his world. The only problem? The guy she climbs into bed with isn’t Nathan; it’s his brother, Gabe, who seems like the exact type of guy Elle has been trying to steer clear of, but Gabe isn’t about to let Elle walk away from him that easily.

Oh my goodness, I just positively loooove Elle and Gabe together! In all honesty, it took me a little bit to warm up to Elle. She was a little pretentious for my liking at first, but her feistiness towards Gabe was hilarious and after she started hanging around him more, her likability skyrocketed for me because she loosened up! I felt like I could absolutely relate to her in regards to always feeling like I find myself attracted to the wrong type of guy, and I have my mom trying to force “nice guys” down my throat (not literally!!) but those dates never turn out well. I love my mom more than anything but she has fixed me up with some lame dudes; bless her heart. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll find my “nice bad boy” just like Elle ;) I’m not ready to give up on that dream just yet!

Ohhhh, Gabe. I just love him. I want him to try out some of his hot bedroom moves on ME! Whew. He is just perfection. A bad boy with the heart of a teddy bear and the sex drive of a panther; sign me the fuck up! (I don’t know what the sex drive of a panther is really like…but it sounds good and you get the freaking the point!) And anyone who knows me, knows that tattoos are my weakness; the stories behind Gabe’s tattoos are just plain awesome. He is just exactly what Elle needs and these two could not be more perfect for each other.

Wrong Bed, Right Guy is one of the best books I have read this year, and I can’t freaking wait for the sequel!! I WANT MORE ELLE AND GABE! If you want a super steamy, incredibly well written, bad boy/good girl romance, look no further: THIS is the book you want to read. Go buy Wrong Bed, Right Guy now…and you can thank me later!

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